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~~~About Us~~~

As suddenly my destination turned sharply.  It took me down a path I was determined not to take. It started when my daughters Dawn and Tiffany, along with my granddaughter Marissa, asked me to take a road trip to Missouri with them.  My daughters coaxed saying, "Come on mom it will be a girls trip. We will have fun and it will be good for you."  That road trip had a mission, we were going to bring home a lovely Pomeranian puppy for Marissa. That puppy became Fantazia's Cruella Deville (Ella).

At the time we ventured out on our girls road trip to Missouri, I had previously lost my husband of 49 years.  Loosing him turned my whole world upside down.  No matter how hard I struggled to hang on and turn my world right side up, my efforts proved fruitless.  I kept saying to my family, "I need to find something to fix my world.  I need to find my Happy Spot, something that takes away my tears and puts a smile on my face.  Something that puts the zest back into my life.  Something to look forward to and give me a reason to dream again,"  When I was saying this, who would have ever thought a little Pom puppy named Ella would be the instrument God used in helping me find my Happy Spot.

In the scheme of things, us girls were destined to share another wonderful and exciting family adventure.  We were on the road again. Only this time our destination was Iowa, where we visited with respected Pom breeder Diane Finch of Finch's Pomeranians.  This journey resulted in us returning home with two very special puppies.  The female became Champion Finch's Nala of Fantazia.  The male pup became Multi Group Placing Grand Champion Finch's Zazu of Fantazia.  They are better known to those of us who love them as Nala and Zazu.

Some of my family and friends are aware that my hobby for 30 years was raising and showing Maltese under the kennel name of Richelieu Maltese.  Others were enlightened to this fact after visiting my facebook album titled "30 Years of Richelieu Maltese."

In 1998, I retired and had no intentions of ever returning to my hobby of raising and showing my beloved Maltese or any other breed,  Infact I let Judy McQuiston, who became my partner five years before I retired, carry on with my kennel name of Richelieu Maltese.  During my 18 years of retirement, I was asked several times to return to raising dogs.  As far as I was concerned, "Nope not me, I am retired." However, in my decision to retire I overlooked an extremely important fact in my life, God is in the drivers seat.  I am just a passenger along for the ride in the scheme of life.

When I was hoping and praying that I would find my Happy Spot, never in a million years would I have thought I would find it where I did.  Nala and Zazu put unending smiles upon my face with their antics.  They fill my heart to full capacity with love and happiness.  There is anticipation and excitement that overflows my being as I wait to hear show news regarding Nala and Zazu from their handlers Luke and Diane Ehricht.

When Zazu won his first Group Four, I was jumping up and down like a little kid full of excitement.  What a sight to behold of that I am sure ! !  LOL ! !  I can't remember when I was that excited about anything.

With my whole heart I thank my daughters, my partners for taking me down the road that lead me to my Happy Spot.  What makes it all the sweeter is having you......Dawn and Tiffany to share it with ! ! !

So in the future when I post photos of our Pomeranians, you will know the story behind their beginning.  Thus the beginning of Fantazia Poms, where you can find me enjoying my Happy Spot : )

Thank God for "Answered Prayers."



Vet Tech / Groomer

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